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The leading manufacturer of heatsinks, thermal conductive materials, cases and connectors.
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We face quality policy as a permanent commitment to our customers


Quality reflects in customer satisfaction and is the most important requirement for the economic success of our company.


We want to include our desire for best quality in our entire thinking and acting by:


  • recognising, registering, realising and meeting customer requirements in an optimum manner.

  • applying in practice all necessary and available methods for securing the quality in all our business processes.

  • integrating our quality management and quality assurance system in all processes and improving continuously to fulfil all customer requirements.

  • improving the quality of communication and collaboration frequently.

  • developing and improving processes frequently.

  • supplying the products to the customers exactly according to customer specification, at the right price and to the demanded time.


It is the task of each employee to internalize those principles and to act accordingly.