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Cover plates with fixing straps for the cases of the AKG, GD and TUF series


Due to the wide range of applications for electronic cases, those must meet both design and functional requirements. For this purpose, Fischer Elektronik are extending the existing AKG, GD and TUF case series to include further designs with cover panels and simultaneously integrated fixing straps. Those case series are designed to accommodate standard Eurocards and non-standard PCBs. The fixing straps of the new cover panels contain special recesses for fixing screws and thus give the user the option of using the cases of the AKG, GD and TUF series for table, wall or ceiling mounting as well as in an environment with vibration disturbances. The mounting brackets are integrated on the long side of the cover panels and allow the cases to be mounted horizontally. For vertical case mounting, however, the straps can also be attached to the narrow side. The new cover panels with integrated fixing straps have the same hole spacing of the fixing points as previous standard designs from Fischer Elektronik, which means that the cover plates can be used as replacement or optional cover panels not only for new developments but also for existing customised case assemblies. In accordance with the standard case surfaces of the AKG, GD and TUF series the cover paels with fixing straps are available in natural-colour and black anodised surfaces. In addition to the standard designs of the fixing straps, the width of the lug, the seize of the recesses for the screws and their position can be realised according to customer specifications. Further customised machining, inscriptions as well as other surface finishes are offered on request.

The listed innovations of the optional cover panels with integrated fastening option as well as all innovations from Fischer Elektronik can also be found at our website.


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