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New insulating bushes


The use of insulating bushes is always in demand in many technical applications when, for example, screws, electrically conductive connections or even plug contacts need to be insulated from the outside. Insulating bushes are particularly frequently found in connection with electronic semiconductors, in order to mount them insulatingly on circuit boards or on heatsinks. Likewise, suitable insulating bushes can be used to effectively separate different circuits of electronic circuits from each other. Insulating bushes are mainly made of an insulating plastic and are part of the basic semiconductor accessories. Sometimes an exact fit to the respective connection or the required dimensions is of elementary importance for the effectiveness of the insulation. For this purpose, Fischer Elektronik is expanding its extensive range of insulating bushes by four additional designs with the part number. IB 19, IB 20, IB 21 and IB 22. The named insulating bushes have an outer diameter of 6.0, 6.5, 7.5 and 6.9 mm and an inner diameter of 3.1 mm suitable for an M3 screw. The overall height is 2.2, 3.5, 4.0 and 3.4 mm. The new insulating bushes are listed according to UL 94 V-0 and can be used in a temperature range from -40°C to +200°C. The material for the insulating bushes is a thermoplastic and a glass-fibre reinforced polyamide. The dielectric strength ranges from 30 to 38kV/mm. The various insulating bushes from Fischer Elektronik are excellently suited as insulation and contact protection as well as for the safe insulation of semiconductors.

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