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Optimum heat dissipation properties combined with variable case parameters


The steadily increasing computing power and thus rising power losses (waste heat) of electronic devices are making the temperature limitation of technical systems more and more complicated and place great demands on the cooling concept of the cases being used. Furthermore the different installation space of electronic systems requires cases with equally different case dimensions.

Fischer Elektronik offers its customers the new SGV K ... case series now, which has optimized heat dissipation properties and freely selectable case parameters.

The new SGV K ... cases consist of an aluminum bending shell and two side plates, also made of aluminum sheet with a material thickness of 2 mm. The threaded sockets integrated in the sheet metal bending shell are used for mounting a standard mainboard, mounting plate or a non-standard printed circuit board.

The case is completed by a heatsink. Determined by the application and the design of the PCBs, the fastening elements can also be attached to the bottom side of the heatsink. Optional offered mounting brackets give the user the possibility to use the case of the series SGV K ... for table, wall or ceiling mounting as well as in an environment with vibration disturbances. The SGV K ... case series is available as standard in four different sizes and in natural color and black anodized surface finishes. In addition customers have the possibility to order customized designs by specifying the case parameters (height, width, depth, position and height of the threaded bushings) and the heatsink profile. The advantage of this cases series is that the heatsink can be selected from a wide range of heatsink profiles with different widths, heights, cooling fin designs and different heat dissipation values. The sheet metal bending shell, the side parts as well as the heatsink can be mechanically processed, surface treated and printed according to the customer's requirements. The SGV K ... – cases are delivered as a disassembled kit including assembly material.

Please contact us. For further information and inquiries please contact our sales team and technical support at Fischer Elektronik.

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