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Pasty gel thermal interface material


Failures of electronic devices due to excessive thermal loads are often caused by insufficient thermal management. Operating electronic semiconductors within the temperature range being specified by the manufacturer is essential for their functional reliability and service life. The thermal contacting of the individual devices on a heatsink plays a decisive role in a working efficient thermal management. For the latter, and especially for the compensation of larger component differences (gap dimensions), Fischer Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG has expanded its extensive range of thermal conductive materials to include new pasty gel thermal conductive materials. The new materials called GEL S 20, GEL S 30 and GEL S 40 are two-component liquid gap filler materials composed of highly filled ceramic silicone elastomers and gels. The materials have very good heat dissipation and insulation properties at low viscosity and are excellently suited to compensating for or filling large empty spaces in electronic assemblies, e.g. when mounting circuit boards on heatsinks. The new materials of the GEL S... series are easy to dispense, even fully automatically, and can be deformed effortlessly even at very low compressive forces, which significantly reduces stress on the electronic devices. In addition to the excellent processing properties there is a very high operating temperature range. The materials are also UL 94 V-0 listed and have a shelf life of six months at a storage temperature of 25 °C. The pot life at room temperature is 20 minutes with an associated cure time of 60 minutes at 25 °C. As standard the materials are supplied in a 50 ml double-chamber cartridge with three additional static mixing tubes. An applicator gun (Art. WLK P) is also optionally available for this type of cartridge, as wells as additional mixing tubes (Art. GEL M 50).

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