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Additional precision contacts for the optimum connection


As a renowned manufacturer in the electronics industry, Fischer Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG is further expanding its range of precision contacts in the form of new socket contacts. The new additions, SK 17, SK 18 and SK 21 Z, have been specially developed for use in the electronics industry, where reliability and accuracy are of the utmost importance. The new precision contacts provide an ideal and flexible connection between the PCB and electronic components.

The inner contact spring of the female contacts is gold-plated to minimise contact resistance and maximise the number of plug-in cycles. For the contact sleeve, there is an option between a gold-plated and a tin-plated surface. The tin-plated surface ensures optimum solderability on the PCB, while the gold-plated surface provides the best pluggability and conductivity of the contact sleeve.

The precision contacts are designed for a current of 1.5 A at a voltage of 60 V and provide an adequate connection between the PCB and round contact pins with a diameter of 0.56 mm or rectangular contact pins with dimensions of up to 0.40 mm * 0.56 mm. If your application requires a larger contact pin, the SK 21 Z is the right solution. This offers a base for precision contacts with a diameter of up to 0.85 mm and rectangular pins up to 0.55 mm * 0.65 mm and thus covers the standard sizes of contact pins with a grid pattern of 2.54 mm, with a maximum current of 3 A.

With the expansion of the extensive range of high-quality precision contacts, a wide variety of solutions are available for a successful plug connection. If the given specifications do not match your requirements, we will be happy to set up a customised special solution for you.

Please contact us. For further information and enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team and technical advisors at Fischer Elektronik.

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