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Quick & easy to your heat conducting foil sample

Often contact surfaces appear flat and smooth, nearly perfect for an optimal thermal connection when contacting an electronic device on a heatsink for example. At a closer look the rule applies that in contacting of two flat surfaces together the effective contact area is only 2 to 5 per cent without mechanical rework in reality.

The remaining surface is an air cushion which consists of gaps in which air functions as a thermal insulator.

Acceptable thermal transfer resistances can only be achieved if the inevitable production based tolerances equalise unevennesses and roughnesses of the surfaces to be connected. 


But what does that mean for you? No tooling costs.

Because our CAD files from dxf data can be implemented in ready and tolerance-exact cut templates.

The excellent production speed and a cutting technology perfected in every detail ensure an optimal result.


Our 24h sample delivery service offers you a cut according to your specifications. Convince yourself!

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