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Computer-assisted thermal simulation for ideal heat dissipation concepts

Electronic devices and system have various different boundary parameters and mounting conditions. The selection of the optimal thermal management is often difficult. To facilitate the determining of the suitable heat dissipation concept Fischer Elektronik offers a computer-assisted thermal simulation as a service.


Considered elements in the thermal simulation


With help of the computer-assisted thermal simulation the requested charac­ter­istics of the heatsink can be exactly determined. Based on physical concepts such as conser­vation of mass, energy and impulse the software especially considers the thermal require­ments of a free or forced convection. At the same time the system is geared to a heat dissipation with fluids. Furthermore the thermal simulation calculates physical effects such as heat radiation and turbulences. The emission factors of the different surfaces also play a role.


Advantages of a computer-assisted simulation


The computer-assisted thermal simulation is already used in the prototype development. Thus development cycles of cooling concepts can be reduced signifi­cantly. Not suitable concepts can be discarded quickly and without much material expenses. Many features and options of the simulation system also reduce the time and mechanistic investment compared to a con­vention­al simulation in the measurement chamber.

We will be happy to advise you on the thermal simulation theme.


Computer-assisted thermal simulation for ideal heat dissipation concepts


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