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Pattering method "VDA / PPAP / FE Standard"

To make it easier to define the sampling effort, we see the table provided for download as both a submission level and "effort".

We calculate the respective effort to keep the sampling costs as low as possible. Therefore we also offer individual sampling scopes. In order to offer our customers a cost-effective alternative, we have defined the Fischer Elektronik Standard ("FE Standard"). This can be extended as required. If there are no specific customer specifications, the initial sampling is carried out according to this standard.

In your enquiry you are also welcome to combine e.g. "FE Standard" with additional residual dirt particle testing according to your factory standard". For a better overview, it is recommended to record the additional tests and desired changes in the table provided for download and to attach it to your enquiry/order (see below). The more precise the customer's specifications are, the more accurately they will be taken into account in our offer and will not cause any scheduling deviations.


PS: We use our own forms (similar to VDA). If you would like another form, please send it with your order or separately to Messraum@‍
If acceptance certificates (e.g. according with EN 10204 3.1) are required, we ask for prompt ordering, as it may take several weeks for our suppliers to issue these certificates. For further questions please contact your contact person at Fischer Elektronik. PDF form